Exclusive Buying For Clients

Over the past couple of years, we have purchased over 20 properties for clients. During this time, we have negotiated better terms and purchase prices for our clients in their quest to find their ideal property.

When you’re looking to invest in London’s dynamic residential property market, you need an investment partner like Liroche. Our commitment to providing a personalized and highly confidential purchasing service is second-to-none.

The connections we have with some of the capital’s principal real estate operators enable us to identify exclusive residential properties – on or off-market – in London’s prime areas. Without question, sourcing the right property at the right price is paramount when it comes to realizing the best returns on your investment.

For your total peace of mind, every Liroche client is provided with a dedicated real estate consultant. Their expertise in purchasing prime London properties will help you avoid costly mistakes and ultimately secure a prompt and profitable deal.

This is how we work…

  • Based on your criteria:
    • We locate and short-list properties
    • We arrange viewings of the best properties
    • We negotiate the lowest purchase price on your
      behalf and finalise the transaction details
  • We can also introduce you to specialist professionals
    such as solicitors, tax advisers, surveyors and
    accountants who will provide the advice you need to
    facilitate your property purchases.

Most Buyers don’t realize that estate agents who advertise properties are acting on behalf of Sellers and their job is to get the best deal for the Seller, so it is imperative that Buyers have their own representatives who have the experience and know-how to work for the benefit of the Buyer.

Liroche works for Buyers.

We source, negotiate and purchase on behalf of the Buyer. Based on experience and local knowledge, we advise clients on where to buy and not to buy or why buy one property as opposed to another. In many cases, we have been able to negotiate sales prices down and if ever there were any legal issues, we have worked closely with lawyers and solicitors to resolve matters and renegotiate terms.

We also have access to many more properties than Buyers do – generally 90% of the market, as well as off-market properties, as opposed to Buyers who will have access to around 40% of the market if they choose to perform their purchase without a representative.

In detail, we source and short-list properties and provide analysis on why each is appropriate to a client’s requirements, then arrange viewings for each property until we find one that a client wants to purchase. We then guide the client on the type of offer to make, and assist them in negotiating with the Seller’s agent.

We believe that by assisting clients purchase a property, we are able to offer benefits that they wouldn’t normally get if they try and deal with estate agents themselves.

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